Here are the remaining pieces of advice and additional from others:

  1. Conversation Rule: Let each person talk about the same time. (Example:  if there are 4 people, each should get to talk about 25% of the time).  If only one person is doing all the talking, 3 others are bored.
  2. Don’t tell your friends when you want to buy shoes.
  3. Change the oil in your car within the designated timeline.
  4. Remember where you came from.
  5. Be thankful in all things.
  6. Walk one mile every day.
  7. Shave your legs before a date…just in case.
  8. Always ask for your senior discount.
  9. Send love to everyone around you; even your enemies.
  10. Remember to keep balance in your life.
  11. It’s more fun to color outside the lines.
  12. If the flower you draw doesn’t look like anyone else’s; celebrate!
  13. If you answer the telephone, be ready for the message.
  14. Most people don’t care what happened last week.
  15. Wear fancy underwear. Plain underwear is boring.
  16. Make up your own rules.
  17. Three hopes may get you as far as one leap.
  18. Sometimes, tomorrow takes a really, long time.
  19. You are living in the revolution of women’s sexuality and equality.
  20. “If you ain’t got friends, you ain’t got nothin.” – Billy Holiday
  21. Spread crunchy peanut butter on Pepperidge Farm gingerman cookies for a late-night snack.
  22. Happiness is an inside job.
  23. Sometimes, saving for a rainy day means you don’t have as much fun when it’s sunny.
  24. In disagreements, fight fairly; no name calling.
  25. Be engaged six months before you marry.
  26. Sometimes your best move is blocked by your own checkers.
  27. During this summer, remember you complained about the cold.
  28. Laugh every day.
  29. Crying cleanses the soul.
  30. Breathe…just breathe.

Next month,  will provide advice on how to give advice at work!  Please call us at 217-935-0209 for any questions and needs.