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The Tempo and Rhythm of Managers and Leaders Part 2

Continuing with the Tempo and Rhythm of Managers and Leaders, a break down of the main traits are noted here.  Remember, both Managers and Leaders are needed in any organization. The Manager – (Tempo = Pace) Functions of Management: Subordinates follow because they are obligated due to title or designation.  Manager traits include: Directing People Focus If a manager is also a leader, [...]

The Tempo and Rhythm of Managers and Leaders Part 22021-06-14T15:25:14-05:00

The Tempo and Rhythm of Managers and Leaders Part 1

According to Nikita Duggal of simplilearn,  “The words “leader” and “manager” are among the most used words in business and are often used interchangeably.”  Everyone influences others whether negative, neutral, or positively regardless of title or role.  *Adapted from John C Maxwell.  If we use Dr. Maxwell’s terminology, then everyone is a leader  Are both roles required at work?  Born or developed?  [...]

The Tempo and Rhythm of Managers and Leaders Part 12021-06-14T15:24:38-05:00

Trivia: Did you know?

Adapted from Eureka Herald Weekly newspaper, Eureka, Kansas Wikipedia.com Q. What occurs more often in December than any other month?   A.  Conception Q.  Half of all Americans live within 50 miles of what? A.  Their birthplace Q.  Most boat owners name their boats.  What is the most popular  boat name requested? A.  Obsession   Q.  If you were to spell out numbers, how [...]

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Don’t Be Caught Unaware

Psst……  Do you know what the Illinois government has been up to?   The answer is, quite a bit. The Illinois Government has been busy and there are several new laws and changed laws that will impact the way you operate your business and interact with employees.  Some have far reaching impact and you will want to make sure you are in compliance BEFORE [...]

Don’t Be Caught Unaware2019-11-22T08:03:58-06:00

Vacationing with Friends rules

We have taken vacation with many friends.  Some were absolute horror shows and some were marvelous.  Our friends, Brad and Mary, have been a vacation team that we can’t imagine not having.  They bring fun, laughter, jokes, and recommend adventures we hadn’t even considered.  Only once have we experienced a meltdown, and, of course, that was the Stelbrinks’ breakdown; Brad and Mary did [...]

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Have you taken vacation yet?

Have you taken vacation yet?  Tis the season to take the kids, the family, some friends on a memorable trip together.  I am in the Midwest and the center of Illinois, USA, and I take my vacation/sabbatical in a warmer climate after the first of each year. Children are preparing to return to school and our short season of summer is moving into [...]

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In my research, I have looked at  overwhelmed and undersatisfied employees.   Here are some practical tips to remember when you are  having these thoughts. As you read these considerations, ask yourself what you are willing to do to change from dissatisfaction to satisfaction.   Behaviors Pros Cons Change Dissatisfaction to More Satisfaction Over extended workload Feel valued for work itself Thoughts can make [...]

OVERWORKED & UNDERSATISFIED – Practical Tips2019-10-21T09:42:27-05:00


According to Forbes CommunityVoice, there are five simple steps to stop feeling overwhelmed at work.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescoachescouncil/2017/12/27/five-simple-steps-to-stop-feeling-overwhelmed-at-work/#618e2e526047

OVERWORKED & UNDERSATISFIED – Part 22019-10-21T09:42:47-05:00


The internet states that in 1840, the average employee worked for 13 hours a day, six days a week.  Today, many hourly-paid employees and workers, work the 40-hour week as a standard. Salaried employees’ workweeks need not hold to this standard.   It is now 2019. What is your normal work week? How many hours do you work from home? At work?  

OVERWORKED & UNDERSATISFIED – Part 12019-10-21T09:43:19-05:00

More Idioms

A couple more idioms.   The early bird gets the worm. https://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/127000.html Meaning:  Success comes to those who prepare well and put in effort. Origin:  First recorded in Joyn Ray’s A Collection of English proverbs 1670, 1678; indicates that this was considered proverbial even in the 17th century. Example:  Plan ahead and make it happen.   Carpe diem.  https://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/carpe-diem.html Meaning:  “Pluck the day” [...]

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