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Laughter, is it really the best Medicine?

How long has it been since you laughed?  Really belly laughed?  Until you thought you were snorting?  Been awhile?  I’ve been thinking about this, so I looked up some interesting facts about laughing. Did you know? …we laugh up to 30 times more when we are with others than we are alone. …laughter is contagious. …laughing often and enthusiastically helps our body fight [...]

Laughter, is it really the best Medicine?2018-10-23T09:10:52-05:00

Receiving Feedback to Understand and Improve

Receiving Feedback to Understand and Improve: Don’t Do 1.       Ignore the feedback 1.       View feedback as an opportunity to obtain useful information for reducing conflict, improving productivity, collaboration, etc. 2.       Assume the words are an attack; listen with objectivity 2.       Assume feedback is offered with the best intentions 3.       Just assume you know what they mean or intend 3.       Ask for specifics for [...]

Receiving Feedback to Understand and Improve2018-08-14T10:55:27-05:00

Giving Feedback

Giving Feedback: Don’t Do 1.       Hint 1.       Offer specific behaviors 2.       Talk to others about that person 2.       Go to the right person (the one involved) 3.       Make personality assumptions 3.       Offer pinpointed behaviors 4.       Words and actions don’t matter 4.       Apply congruent words and nonverbals 5.       Forget your tone of voice 5.       Watch others’ response to your tone; listen to your tone [...]

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65 Pieces of Advice – Part 3

Here are the remaining pieces of advice and additional from others: Conversation Rule: Let each person talk about the same time. (Example:  if there are 4 people, each should get to talk about 25% of the time).  If only one person is doing all the talking, 3 others are bored. Don’t tell your friends when you want to buy shoes. Change the oil [...]

65 Pieces of Advice – Part 32018-06-05T14:41:59-05:00

65 Pieces of Advice – Part 2

Continuing with the Pieces of Advice, here are some more.  Do any of these prick your thoughts about giving advice to others? Tell people you love them (only if you mean it). Wear water-proof mascara. Dye your hair roots. Keep friends of all ages. Improve every day (from DeWitt Jones; photographer for National Geographic). Don’t let an old person into your body. Don’t [...]

65 Pieces of Advice – Part 22018-06-05T14:22:17-05:00

65 Pieces of Advice

Several years ago, a girlfriend attended a party of another friend turning the age of 60.  She had everything she needed and didn’t want gifts, so we continued to ponder what fun thing we could give her that would be unique.  We came up with “60 pieces of advice”.  Over the years, we continue to add more. Here are 15 pieces of advice [...]

65 Pieces of Advice2018-06-05T14:12:12-05:00

One Mistake, Two Mistakes, Three Mistakes, Four…

Minimizing Mistakes One Sunday afternoon, after enjoying time at home, I packed for a two-day workshop in Ottawa Illinois.  Although Ottawa is about a two-hour drive, both workshops start early each day and driving back and forth was not effective to be available to the participants.  I usually allow time while setting up for each day and finalizing the day for any questions [...]

One Mistake, Two Mistakes, Three Mistakes, Four…2019-01-08T11:42:57-05:00

I Know a Guy…Accountability

I Know a Guy…Accountability It took 10 years for my husband and I to agree on hardwood for our home.  Of course, that means when we built our humble home we put in carpet for later debates.  When you build a home, it is recommended to do the big ticket items in the home when you build.  Otherwise, it costs more time and [...]

I Know a Guy…Accountability2017-04-15T17:43:21-05:00


CLUTTER Microsoft Office now has a function that tracks what you do with your emails and starts moving things normally deleted to clutter without me looking at them.  I go looking through it occasionally to see if it’s really something I need to keep or can I just delete (aka as throw away).  I haven’t decided if I like it or not, but [...]



1. Look at your current level of control. Last Saturday was a “Family” day for my sister who has terminal cancer. My brother is unable to drive the 10 hours it took us to get there because he too is suffering from cancer. Although he is doing well, there are some limitations. My husband and I knew that our level of control could [...]

MANAGING YOUR STRESSORS – Road trip to Kansas2017-06-30T11:28:20-05:00