Vacationing with Friends rules

We have taken vacation with many friends.  Some were absolute horror shows and some were marvelous.  Our friends, Brad and Mary, have been a vacation team that we can’t imagine not having.  They bring fun, laughter, jokes, and recommend adventures we hadn’t even considered.  Only once have we experienced a meltdown, and, of course, that was the Stelbrinks’ breakdown; Brad and Mary did [...]

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Have you taken vacation yet?

Have you taken vacation yet?  Tis the season to take the kids, the family, some friends on a memorable trip together.  I am in the Midwest and the center of Illinois, USA, and I take my vacation/sabbatical in a warmer climate after the first of each year. Children are preparing to return to school and our short season of summer is moving into [...]

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In my research, I have looked at  overwhelmed and undersatisfied employees.   Here are some practical tips to remember when you are  having these thoughts. As you read these considerations, ask yourself what you are willing to do to change from dissatisfaction to satisfaction.   Behaviors Pros Cons Change Dissatisfaction to More Satisfaction Over extended workload Feel valued for work itself Thoughts can make [...]

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According to Forbes CommunityVoice, there are five simple steps to stop feeling overwhelmed at work.

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The internet states that in 1840, the average employee worked for 13 hours a day, six days a week.  Today, many hourly-paid employees and workers, work the 40-hour week as a standard. Salaried employees’ workweeks need not hold to this standard.   It is now 2019. What is your normal work week? How many hours do you work from home? At work?  

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More Idioms

A couple more idioms.   The early bird gets the worm. Meaning:  Success comes to those who prepare well and put in effort. Origin:  First recorded in Joyn Ray’s A Collection of English proverbs 1670, 1678; indicates that this was considered proverbial even in the 17th century. Example:  Plan ahead and make it happen.   Carpe diem. Meaning:  “Pluck the day” [...]

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Adages or Idioms

Starting a new year, made me think about adages or idioms and where they came from.  The newspaper is an interesting place to find adages and how they were developed.  Of course, the Internet is a great place to quickly find idioms and meanings.    Just like these:   Where did “a penny saved is a penny earned” come from?   Meaning:  It’s [...]

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Funny T-Shirts

One last thing on laughter, the next presentation requires you to laugh at least some of these T-Shirt sayings.  Make sure you count how many you laugh at – the more you laugh, the less you are stressed.

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15 Side Effects of Laughter

Authors, Robin Ferner and Jeffrey Aronson reviewed 785 research papers published since 1946 and determine 15 unfortunate side effects from laughing.  Altough Ferner, a clinical pharmacist, did say, “Most of the time it makes people happy, but every now and again it kills them.” *adapted from Let’s take a look at these 15 reasons why laughing can be bad. Weakened resolve Fainting [...]

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Laughter, is it really the best Medicine?

How long has it been since you laughed?  Really belly laughed?  Until you thought you were snorting?  Been awhile?  I’ve been thinking about this, so I looked up some interesting facts about laughing. Did you know? …we laugh up to 30 times more when we are with others than we are alone. …laughter is contagious. …laughing often and enthusiastically helps our body fight [...]

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