Giving Feedback:

Don’t Do
1.       Hint 1.       Offer specific behaviors
2.       Talk to others about that person 2.       Go to the right person (the one involved)
3.       Make personality assumptions 3.       Offer pinpointed behaviors
4.       Words and actions don’t matter 4.       Apply congruent words and nonverbals
5.       Forget your tone of voice 5.       Watch others’ response to your tone; listen to your tone for the intended tone
6.       Use “we” or “they” 6.       Use “I”
7.       Use a question starting with “why” 7.        Use “What”, “When”, “Where”, “Who” and “How” questions
8.       Tell them what you expect 8.       Ask questions to understand their stance first
9.       Address to just get off your chest – not matter what 9.       Make sure the person can change the behavior and not your or someone else’s control
10.   You talk; they listen 10.   Two-way dialogue; active listening, question and summary
11.   Offer anywhere 11.   Be sensitive to time and place
12.   Expect resolution now 12.   Allow time for the person to consider, response and questions