Have you taken vacation yet?  Tis the season to take the kids, the family, some friends on a memorable trip together.  I am in the Midwest and the center of Illinois, USA, and I take my vacation/sabbatical in a warmer climate after the first of each year.

Children are preparing to return to school and our short season of summer is moving into fall.  You may say, “Wait a minute, don’t rush this!”   And yes, I agree with you. However, this newsletter’s purpose is to encourage you to take a vacation each year.

Food for thought:  Did you know that Malaysia Airlines has decided to ban kids from their first-class cabins?  Other airlines (British Airways and Virgin Atlantic) are considering the same.  What do you think of this?   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2009204/Airline-baby-ban-Malaysia-Airlines-bans-children-class.html