Continuous improvement and change is required.

Learning Alliances Company partners with organizations that are interested in maximizing employee potential and growing healthy, vibrant organizations regardless of industry or size.  Once needs are assessed, we meet you where you are, point you to more positive change and observe the organization “dance” as you apply new tools.
The services offered include unique and customized “people skills” training, coaching, consulting, facilitation and motivational speeches.
 was founded in 1993 by Laura Cornille-Cannady.  Shirley N. Stelbrink worked with Laura for six years before purchasing the company in 2010.  The company was initially created to meet training and employee development needs of small to medium-sized organizations in the Midwest.
Over the years,   has grown to include consulting, coaching, facilitation, motivational and keynote speeches and training to assist individuals and organizations meet their business goals.  As   continues to grow, we provide invaluable skills and resources to individuals and organizations in the United States and globally.
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