A keynote speaker is defined as one who sets the main line of focus for a conference or meeting.

Learning Alliances Company uses keynote speaking to motivate and encourage your organization’s employees. In other words, LAC uses keynote speeches to “set the stage” for what you desire in an enjoyable and thought-provoking manner.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

7-Habits is a book that provides a road map for a principle centered life instead of a reactive and less effective life. These habits are in harmony with natural law, guided by your mission and manager according to your own principles. A self-assessment of the 7 habits applied in your life starts you looking at skills, knowledge and desires. The seven habits are compared to more effective and less effective people. Are you willing to undertake whatever is necessary to unlearn bad habits that get in the way of applying the principles of 7 habits? Doris Lessing says that “This is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all along, but now in a new way.”

A Place Where the Grass is Always Greener…

For those of us who want our lawns to be green and full, we know it takes continuous focus and work. Hmmm. So, are we saying making our life fulfilling is something of continuous focus and work too? Shirley provides a number of practical steps to maintain a “compelling” life based on the analogy of a lavish and plush lawn.

Celebrate Your Life Change Your View, Change Your Life

Life is a gift to be celebrated. Somehow, along the way, many have forgotten or not even realized that how we “live” is up to us. In other words, no matter what our situation, we are problem solvers to determine how to make our life better. Whether situations are expected or not, we determine how to respond and transact. There are a number of “lens” discussed to consider celebration; celebrating what’s right, improve every day, be like a sunset and more. Examples and applications are used to make a practical difference after this keynote speech.

Everyday Creativity

Do you remember what it was like when ordinary things seemed extraordinary? When we return to creativity it opens up our minds to value skills, talents and solutions. There are six key concepts applied in this keynote speech that can practically be applied to rebuild creativity back in your life. Then, it’s up to you, to apply in your daily life.

Getting the B.E.S.T. From Others!

Ever feel like most of your day is spent putting out fires? Recently, feel like you were totally misunderstood by a fellow employee? Today’s multi-tasking frenzy requires that communication be THE critical skill and tool in getting us all moving in the same direction. Communication impacts effectiveness, efficacy and efficiency. This high energy speech will cover four practical principles to use when communicating with others in order to get the B.E.S.T. from them.

Life is a Gift…Choose to Be in the Present

You may have heard the adage “…it’s not what happens to us in life but how we react and respond to life that makes it …” a beautiful and unique gift. Our lives are so frantically full with family, work, friends, health, fun and hobbies…need I go on? The acronym of C.H.O.I.C.E. is used to consider what you want and need in your life. You will have an opportunity to take a breath and determine if your present life is what you want it to be. If yes, what’s next? If not, there are some choices you can make to move toward that “perfect gift”.

Living Your Dash

“The Dash” poem was written by Linda Ellis. The Dash is the literal dash between your birth day and your death date. This keynote speech is based on how we spend our “dash”. The dash includes the dash of anger, the dash of slowing down, the dash of being real, the dash of being focused and many more areas needed or preferred by the client. Joseph Epstein once said, “We do not choose to be born. We do not choose our parents or the country of our birth. We do not, most of us, choose to die; nor do we choose the time and conditions of our death. But within this realm of choicelessness, we do choose how we live.” That is what this is all about.

Perseverance 212 Degrees

These concepts provide an opportunity to think about what you need and want in your life. It takes awareness, commitment and persistence to build perseverance. Water boils at 212 degrees and before that it takes effort. There are six key concepts that are easily understood and can be applied by choice. Instead of the Missouri quote, “I’ll believe it when I see it”, Dr. Dwayne Dyer said, “We see it when we believe it.” What do you believe in? Have you blocked this thinking? This keynote speech allows you time to consider the six concepts and how they could work in your life.

Rappelling the Mountain

This keynote takes rappelling equipment to use when you are on the “ground” floor of your life also. The anchor, rope, daisy chain, harness and more provide you analogies in ways to apply with practice and trust. Rappelling incorrectly can be deadly! Don’t let the end of your life be a look back and wish you had “rappelled” differently. Rappel safely in your life.

Reigniting Passion in the Workplace

Negative attitudes and poor morale seem to be “catching”. How do we reignite passion in a workplace that seems to have lost its heart; a workplace that has placed increasing demands with little job security or appreciation? We will take a quick look at relearning optimism and putting passion back into our work and life.