How long has it been since you laughed?  Really belly laughed?  Until you thought you were snorting?  Been awhile?  I’ve been thinking about this, so I looked up some interesting facts about laughing.

Did you know?

…we laugh up to 30 times more when we are with others than we are alone.

…laughter is contagious.

…laughing often and enthusiastically helps our body fight off harmful diseases.  Laughing lowers the levels of stress and fights off harm by altering the levels of cortisol in our body.

…Robert Frost said, “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”

…laughing can be a good workout.  For every fifteen minutes solid laughing, you can burn up to 40 calories.

…some studies show that fifteen minutes of laughter can add around 2 days to your lifespan.

…Gelotology is the since of laughing.

…animals laugh too – not just humans.

…kids tend to laugh about three times more than adults.

…the average person laughs around 13 times a day.

…we often laugh at chance happenings never intended to be funny in the first place.

…although appearance is high on the list for finding a mate, there is a tendency to find people who laugh more attractive.


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