In my research, I have looked at  overwhelmed and undersatisfied employees.   Here are some practical tips to remember when you are  having these thoughts. As you read these considerations, ask yourself what you are willing to do to change from dissatisfaction to satisfaction.  

Behaviors Pros Cons Change Dissatisfaction to More Satisfaction
Over extended workload Feel valued for work itself Thoughts can make us feel busier than we are Think about what you want/need in your work life

Set priorities

Focus on those priorities for success

Track time at work to identify what you are doing and how long you spend doing the work

Independence When work gets done, it is done the way you want

You don’t have to wait or follow-up with others

Finding time to do all your tasks

Underdeveloped leadership skills without delegating

Late getting things done

Stress rises

Mistakes rise

Learn and use effective delegation skills

Prioritize (again)

Develop follow-up skills

Behaviors Pros Cons Change Dissatisfaction to More Satisfaction
Loyalty I love the people but not the work Hate going to work Is the love of your co-workers enough to be satisfied?  If not, determine what you really want to do and get working on that to happen.

Time Write everything down to track; you don’t have to remember it; use your brain for creativity Hear, “I don’t have enough time”

Begin feeling like you are being taken advantage of

Drop the ball…

Think about time differently




Behaviors Pros Cons Change Dissatisfation to More Satisfaction
Present at the workplace Can be viewed as loyalty and reliability Spend too much time at work It’s important to break away from work for your mental, physical and spiritual health; regardless of your industry and role

Accountability We live by our words and actions which is also called reliability and builds a strong reputation Lack of accountability is everywhere – regardless of role

Easy to blame someone/something else so don’t have to change anything

If you work in an environment lacking in accountability and it frustrates you, consider what you need and want in your life and how to step towards that environment

Starts with modifying your “automatic thoughts”



Behaviors Pros Cons Change Dissatisfaction to More Satisfaction
Communication Multiple ways to communicate with our technology Lack of information provided on a timely basis Your accountability reputation also requires staying in touch

Take care that what you say and what you do are congruent


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