Project Description

The expert riders of horses let the horse know immediately who is in control, but then guide the horse with loose reins and seldom use the spurs. ―Sandra Day O’Connor Retired Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Knowing what to delegate and what not to delegate is important. Leaders face decision-making demands on a regular basis. For the leader to be poised and ready to meet those demands, he/she must be skillful in delegating effectively.

Effective delegation is key for any organization to maintain productive work and profitability. It is the leader’s responsibility to create a high-performance employee by knowing how to define and explain the task/project for the most successful result.

Participate in the Learning Alliances Company workshop to learn strategies and tools to delegate expectations effectively. Learning Alliances Company has interactive modules which include (and are not limited to):

  • Expand confidence in effective delegation
  • Assess individual strengths
  • Identify delegation benefits and barriers
  • Apply delegation strategies and tips
  • Establish detailed goals and expectations
  • Utilize a planning tool to enhance effective delegation

Please contact   to schedule a one-on-one discussion to determine how your work environment can be enhanced when team leaders, managers and leaders clearly and effectively delegate for best results.