Project Description

TRUST: It’s the one thing that changes EVERYTHING. – Steven M.R. Covey (1932-2012) American author, businessman, and speaker

Trust is built on many things and can be strong and fertile and weak and fragile.  It’s a paradox of many behaviors, actions and words.  Trust in the workplace certainly requires capability in the job, accountability for self and for others, clarity in explaining, modeling of behaviors desired and commitment to follow through and lead.  Trust is a behavior that is in question globally in our workplace, in our churches and synagogues and in our political platforms.  Blame, accusations and waiting for someone else to make the difference causes delays and dysfunction.

It is time for individuals to make a commitment to build trust with our behaviors and words, regardless of anyone else.  Let’s make a stand to build trust in our lives.

Reflect some of the topics we discuss during the “building trust” workshop.

  • Setting your “trust course”
  • Being trusted and trusting others
  • Defining organizational trust
  • Building your personal trust reputation
  • Considering organizational, strategic and personal trust for your trust course


Please contact   to schedule a one-on-one discussion to determine how your “trust reputation” can be enhanced with building trust building at work.