Play Your Bigger Game Workshop

Who Should Attend:

  •  If you want to have a more positive impact within your family, work, community or organization
  • If you yearn for meaningful work that matters
  • If you long to be more innovative
  • If you seek to be more collaborative
  • If you hunger for a change but aren’t sure what sort of change
  • If you are looking for more than an “okay” life or a business-as-usual existence
  • If you want to take responsibility and direct your destiny
  • If you aspire to make a difference or leave a legacy
  • If you are ready to become a leader
  • If you have had enough of sitting in the stands as an observer

When:        October 22 and October 23   9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Where:       Parkland Community College, 1315 North Mattis Avenue, Champaign, Illinois 61821-1818  Room J125

Fees:           $290.00 per day (must attend both days) = $580

including workshop, materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks


Value Added Experience:

  • Reveal the Bigger Game player that you already are.
  • Help find the Bigger Game(s) that excites and challenges you to fully deploy all of your energy and gifts.
  • Teach you to consciously design the person you are destined to become.
  • Allow you to feed the hunger in your soul.
  • Help you to make a major impact and to leave a lasting legacy.
  • Avoid business-as-usual mentality to build “unusual business experiences”


Facilitator:  Debby Doig