Learning Alliances Company believes that communication and people skills are critical to any organization, team and individuals. Without effective communication, collaboration is only temporary conformance. That is why we have invested in Everything DiSC® and offer to you in many methods. Like any personality tool, Everything DiSC® has tools to help an organization using different topics. Let me provide those to you in a quick overview.

Shirley N Stelbrink was introduced to styles and communication in 1994. Since then she has become a certified facilitator and distributor of the products because of the success she has experienced in her own life and in others’ after applying the Everything DiSC® tools and strategies.

Watch the following 4-minute video for an introduction.

If you are interested in learning more about Everything DiSC® products and LAC bringing you training to increase more effective communication, diminish unhealthy conflict, enhance leadership, develop more collaborative teams and more, please contact Learning Alliances Company at 217.935.0209 or info@learning-alliances.com.