Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders

  • It’s courageous for anyone to ask for feedback from others they work for and with. It makes the Leader a bit vulnerable. However, the effective Leader realizes that this it is imperative for him/her to identify how he/she is being seen by others
  • Everyone’s leadership is influenced by a variety of factors such as character, life experiences, cognitive abilities and maturity
  • When thinking about successful leaders they may apply unique aspects and yet another leader may use different approaches to leadership
  • 363-graphUsing multi-rater feedback (e.g. manager, peer, direct report and others) and your self-assessment helps identify which aspects of the eight approaches are your strengths (those you use most often)
  • Using the multi-rater feedback also notes those approaches that you use a little or not at all
  • Any leader will have the opportunity to elevate his/her leadership effectiveness by:
    • Understanding how others see you as a leader
    • Exploring your tendencies on the eight approaches (see circle graph above)
    • Learning three strategies to become a more effective leader
  • This feedback process is ideal for session planning and coaching the leader
  • The most effective leader learns how to apply more approaches with others


  • This self-assessment tool is provided to those who are in highly visible roles that impact many other employees (e.g. Team Leads, Supervisors, Managers, Executives)
  • Participant is recommended to have a minimum of one-year experience in their role before participating in this 363 feedback


  • The participant completes the on-line assessment
  • For best results, a minim of five other “raters” need to complete an assessment for the leader (usually includes manager of leader, president of company/organization, peers, direct reports and others (e.g. those roles that interact with but do not report to)
  • The assessment describes a rich spectrum of behaviors applying eight approaches to be an Effective Leader
  • The Leader’s report includes specific text about your goals, your leadership motivators and fears
  • The Leader’s report documents how you leverage connections
  • The Leader’s report documents your reactions when conflict arises
  • You will receive big-picture feedback and detailed feedback
  • The Leader’s report documents your strengths, in-depth information and specific strategies for improving on the three practices that your raters requested to see more often
  • One-on-one coaching is recommended and offered (based upon request)
  • The raters will be documented in groups so there are no identifications of who said what by the Leader or others


  • 363-report

    Click on the report above for a sample report.

    Profile assessment for your eyes only

  • Context-specific feedback from others that work for you and with you to determine if your assessment and others’ assessments are in agreement. It helps discern what to do if different; if  you are willing
  • Provides you an access to unlimited Comparison Reports
  • Access to MindLab Connect for continuous learning about the Everything DiSC® tools (available upon request)


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