Everything DiSC® Management® works with the Workplace model to enhance your management style to:

  • Manage more effectively learning about your own management preferences and motivators
  • Identify and understand others’ motivation and communication needs
  • Build confidence and efficiency when delegating others with best results
  • Gain insight into employee development
  • Learn how your boss might view you and your style; neutral, negative and positive
  • Learn how your staff might view you and your style: neutral, negative and positive
  • This workshop develops insight to educate the participants on behaviors that are acceptable and not acceptable in the workplace.
  • Identify what gets under your skin with others based on style and how to approach as the Manager
  • Access to MindLab Connect for continuous learning about the Everything DiSC® tools. (available upon request)


  • This self-assessment tool is provided to the participant who is already in management and those who are moving into that career path
  • This particular assessment works well with team leaders and supervisors who have an interest
  • This particular assessment works well with team leaders and supervisors who are preforming well in their current role
  • It also works well with any individual who is not self-aware of their management behaviors and the impact


  • The participant completes a self-assessment honestly by answering with what he/she prefers not necessarily the current state of your work
  • The adaptive process can change questions based on the participant’s answers to assure accurate results
  • With conscious work and coaching, the participant learns how to be effective using Everything DiSC® and their others tools for improved results
  • One-on-one or group coaching (based upon request)


Click on the report above for a sample report.

Click on the report above for a sample report.

  • Profile assessment for your eyes only (you can choose to share if you want)
  • Facilitative assessment for the person you report to
  • Team views (style and name) of all who completed the self-assessment (available upon request)
  • Group report based on all who participated and how that impacts the culture of the organization (available upon request)
  • Culture impact report from the participants’ answers and suggestions for a more constructive workplace (available upon request)
  • Human Resources Department can request all of the style results profile reports for their records

To order more than 25 reports, contact us directly for a discount.  Please contact us at info @learning-alliances.com or at 217.935.0209.