Everything DiSC Sales® is a beneficial tool for anyone who is in a sales role (which could be everyone)!  With global and online competition, it’s imperative for the sales force to have tools to help them sell the unique benefits to customers, potential customers, and build loyalty to stay with you and your organization.

  • Your clients, customers and potential customers expect your entire operation to revolve around them. (quoted in an SAP Ad)
  • Your company/organization uniqueness needs to be clear and concise to make sells
  • Every organization/company needs to retain loyal customers
  • Documentation regarding customer and potential customers’ style in case something unexpected happens to the sales person
  • Determining an “approach” with each customer can have unique traits; knowing how to identify their style encourages the purchase and future loyalty


  • This self-assessment tool is provided to the participant who is already in sales and those who want to expand their sales role and those who want to get into sales
  • This particular assessment works well with direct sales staff, sales support staff who talk with clients and potential clients on the phone, and sales directors 
  • It also works well with any sales individual who is not self-aware of their sales behaviors and the impact


  • The participant completes a self-assessment honestly answering with what he/she prefers in selling
  • The adaptive process can change questions based on the participant’s answers to assure accurate results
  • With conscious work and coaching, the participant learns how to be effective using Everything DiSC® Sales and their other tools for improved results.
  • Builds uniqueness of company selling and building loyalty
  • One-on-one coaching (based upon request)
  • This workshop develops insight into the customer and potential customers’ style and how to adapt during the conversation for clear understanding and most effective approach
  • Support sales staff with tools and methodologies to assess the style of customers and potential customers
  • During the workshop, your company strengths and challenges with clients are determined and discussed
  • During the workshop, sales staff are provided with an opportunity to practice adapting to key and potential clients
  • During the workshop, your sales team have an opportunity to list current customers and identify their expectations
  • During the workshop, peer feedback is provided in small groups for doing the right things, the right way and at the right time while applying Everything DiSC Sales® strategies and tacticts



  • Click on the report above for a sample report.

    Click on the report above for a sample report.

    Profile assessment completed for your eyes and potentially your employer

  • Facilitative assessment for your immediate supervisor or manager available upon request
  • Team views (style and name) of all who completed the self-assessment. (available upon request)
  • Group report based on all who participated and how that impacts the culture of the organization. (available upon request)
  • Culture impact report from the participants’ answers and suggestions on workplace improvement (available upon request)
  • Access to MindLab Connect for continuous earning about the Everything DiSC® tools. (available upon request)

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