The best leaders inspire others to be better than they ever imagined.  The approach is from leadership as a one-to-many relationships as opposed to the management relationships.  Tangible information and direction provided to leaders builds upon desired outcomes.

  • We are starving for effective leaders in all industries and in the world
  • Many times support is not provided to the newly appointed leader and causes a delay in effectiveness or the status quo of “authority is corrupt” syndrome
  • Leaders are on stage and are the main “stars” because of their authority, power, and influence 
  • Solid strategies and tips are provided to identify similarities and differences between employees who cannot work well together
  • One-on-One and Group Coaching benefits those who are willing to review recommendations and take actions for best practices (available upon request)


  • This self-assessment tool is provided to those who are titled and responsible above manager level; executives, high-level roles benefit
  • Any individual leader is good at getting the work done and does not support the people needs this self-assessment and direction
  • Any individual leader is good at supporting the people but not getting the work done
  • This is not for the newly appointed leader


  • The leader participant completes the Work of Leaders profile self-assessment
  • Applies Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders as the foundation and analyzes additional leadership attributes for comprehensive growth
  • This profile is leadership-specific with in-depth information, tips, strategies and action plans for improved effectiveness in both getting the tasks done and working with others
  • Provides a clear path for action with any style
  • One-on-one or group coaching could be available (based upon request)


  • leaders-report

    Click on the report above for a sample report.

    Profile assessment for your and most likely members of the “top of the house”

  • Provides you access to unlimited Comparison Reports for solid and tangible behaviors for coaching employees
  • Includes tips and strategies for improving leadership within Vision, Alignment and Execution plus 18 behavioral continua
  • Team views (style and name) of all who completed the self-assessment. (available upon request)
  • Group report based on all who participated and how that impacts the culture of the organization (available upon request)
  • Access to MindLab Connect for continuous learning about the Everything DiSC® tools (available upon request)

To order more than 25 reports, contact us directly for a discount.  Please contact us at info @learning-alliances.com or at 217.935.0209.