Everything DiSC® identifies your own motivators, fears and behaviors to identify your style.  It’s a self-assessment tool that helps you to become incredibly aware of your style behaviors and how they impact others in a neutral, negative and positive manner.  It is not a test.

It stretches you as a communicator because you can address uncomfortable issues with more confidence and objectivity.  It builds upon communication and teamwork skills to improve work relationships, less chaos, and less unhealthy conflict when the tool is used.  Working better and more effectively saves money, time and energy.  Are you interested in working in an environment that is more effective?  Lessons the time of conflict and frustration?  Saves time, money and energy? Please read further to identify which Everything DiSC® product would be best for you and your organization.


  • Any employee (at any level) can benefit by participating in the self-assessment and workshop
  • This particular assessment works well with new employees in any workplace to educate the individual on behaviors that are acceptable and not acceptable
  • Works well with any individual who is not self-aware of their own behaviors and the impact
  • Works well for all employees (at all levels) because everyone is aware of style and the language of style


  • Each participant completes an online self-assessment by answering the statements/questions
  • The adaptive process provides different questions based on the participant’s answers to assure accuracy
  • The report from this process is extensive in explaining the individual’s style and how to work with others regardless of your style
  • The workshop provides experiential learning and advanced information based on the individual’s knowledge for continued and effective use
  • One-on-one or group coaching (based upon request)


  • ed-report

    Click on the report above for a sample report.

    Style results profile report for you

  • Your style results profile report could also be provided to your supervisor or manager
  • Facilitative assessment for your immediate team lead, supervisor, etc.
  • Comparison report for a contrast between two employees that create havoc and stress in the workplace (available upon request)
  • Team views (style and name) of all who completed the self-assessment (available upon request)
  • Group report based on all who participated and how that impacts the culture of the organization/company (available upon request)
  • Culture impact report from the participants’ answers and suggestions for a more constructive workplace (available upon request)
  • Human Resources Department can request all of the style results profile reports for their records
  • Access to MindLab Connect for continuous earning about the Everything DiSC® tools (available upon request)


To order more than 25 reports, contact us directly for a discount.  Please contact us at info @learning-alliances.com or at 217.935.0209.