Could you use assistance in any of these type of situations?

  • discPersonality clashes
  • High emotional discussions which causes more harm
  • Don’t know how to approach people problems
  • Don’t know when to ask or when to tell others
  • Determine what approach others need from you to diminish personal conflict
  • People won’t work together based on history
  • There is a trend in the work place that whatever is said is taken “personally” instead of “what can I learn from this”
  • In the past, new tools were complex and required a lot of work; finally, people returned to their old ways; waste of time and money
  • You and your team have to unlearn a lot of things to apply this new tool
  • Aggressive and attacking the person instead of looking for reasonable solutions
  • Employees attempt manipulation to get what they want
  • Employees do not appreciate continuous learning; prefer to stay at the “status quo”

If just one of these situations resonated with you, a company team and/or department, then Everything DiSC ® could be a benefit to you and your organization.

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